We are an international school dedicated to teaching Spanish, English and Portuguese courses practical (online,or at home), with or without accommodation in Santiago (optional, individual or shared) and complemented with guided visits to the tourist sites of Santiago and important cities nearby, in a friendly and familiar environment.  




- We offer three types of Spanish, English and Portuguese courses:


1. Group Courses (Minimum of 4 students and maximum of 8).

2. Semi-individual courses (Classes of 2 or 3 students and 1 teacher)

3. Individual courses (Classes 1 to 1 = 1 student and 1 teacher)


- Courses in our institute, in offices (in-company) or at home.

- Payment: by transfer to the account of the institute.

* Methodology: Dynamic classes + Family environment + Interesting tourism


  • University teachers with experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language (ELL), English (TEFL) and other languages as a foreign language use techniques, interesting activities and modern materials that allow faster progress in learning and using the language. The program has six levels (Elemental to Advanced) that allow to acquire grammar, vocabulary and basic communication skills in a short time.


  • Interesting materials are used that are delivered at no cost to students. Classes are complemented by films, newspapers and other audiovisuals.


  • Once you decide to study with us, we will send you a Test of Knowledge of the language, which will indicate the level you have and so you program the best course that corresponds to you.


  • The SPANISH COURSES include small group outings to visit the most touristic places of Santiago (handicraft center, museums, theaters, downtown, shopping centers, restaurants, historical places) and interesting cities nearby (Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, for example). Some of these tours have a small extra value that is warned beforehand in case the student decides to take it. The foreign student at all times has the support of our school to advise him on trips and procedures that he needs to carry out (bus terminals, embassies, etc.) for his stay in Chile. The accommodation (optional) is done in a familiar environment to allow you to know better the hospitality of a Chilean family, in addition to the traditions and customs of the country. A light breakfast is included.



* Intensity of classes


There are three types of courses according to the number of hours you want.


1. Intensive Spanish / Intensive English course


Four daily lessons (45 minutes each), Monday through Friday, for a minimum of two weeks, with an intensity of 20 lessons per week. In these classes an intense practice of the Spanish grammar is realized and they are advisable for people who have opportunity to practice outside the class.


2. Super Intensive Spanish / Intensive English Course


Six daily lessons (45 minutes each), from Monday to Friday for a minimum of one week, with an intensity of 30 lessons per week. This course is especially designed for students who wish to take a short course in Spanish / English and practice the language in the afternoons. In the morning they have two lessons of 90 minutes and in the afternoon one of 90 minutes, in the following forms:


    1. In a smaller group = Superintensive Course


   2. With 2 private lessons per day = Intensive Course + 10 private lessons


       For this last variant you must enroll in an Intensive course by adding a module of
       Spanish / English general individual of 10 classes per week.




3. Spanish / English "Crash" or Super Intensive course + 5 private lessons


Six daily lessons (45 minutes each), from Monday to Friday for a minimum of one week, with an intensity of 35 lessons per week. At the end of the day there is a private lesson of 45 minutes to solve doubts or help you in your weaknesses.